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Premium Stock Alerts is here with your pre-market cheat sheet. In today's issue, we delve into:

  • Fed's Latest Announcements: Understand the Federal Reserve's recent decisions and economic outlook, and how they might influence the markets.

  • Volume Anomalies: Identify stocks witnessing unusual trading volumes, pointing to potential opportunities or risks.

  • Top Pre-Market Movers: Identify early winners poised for a strong market opening.

  • Market Indices & Sector Overview: Get a snapshot of key market indices and sector performances to gauge the day's potential trends.

  • FDA Approvals & Upcoming Decisions: Keep an eye on the latest FDA approvals and crucial upcoming decisions affecting biotech and pharmaceutical stocks.

Now, let's dive into today's edition for a closer look at the insights and analysis that will shape your trading decisions.

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Happening Today

✓ 08:30 AM ET – Core CPI (MoM) (Apr)

✓ 08:30 AM ET – Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Apr)

✓ 08:30 AM ET – CPI (YoY) (Apr)

✓ 08:30 AM ET – CPI (MoM) (Apr)

✓ 08:30 AM ET – Retail Sales (MoM) (Apr)

✓ 10:30 AM ET – Crude Oil Inventories


Stock Futures point to a flat open for major indexes with the NASDAQ 100 leading pre-market gains.



⬆️ 0.48%



⬆️ 0.32%



⬆️ 0.68% 


Most sectors rose today, with Information Technology leading the gain at 0.93%.




Consumer Discretionary


+0.44% 🟢

Consumer Staples


-0.22% 🔴



-0.13% 🔴



+0.48% 🟢

Health Care


+0.43% 🟢






+0.08% 🟢

Real Estate


+0.69% 🟢

Information Technology


+0.93% 🟢

Communication Services


+0.48% 🟢



+0.21% 🟢


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Unusual Volume

📈 AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) jumped 31.98% to $6.85 on a whopping 634.25 million shares traded.

📈 Investors went wild, sending Crown ElectroKinetics Corp (CRKN) stock soaring 3.93% to $0.05 on a massive volume of 390.01 million shares. The company will hold its first quarter 2024 conference call today.

📈 Abnormal activity shook Greenwave Technology Solutions Inc (GWAV), pushing it up 6.71% to $0.04 on a whopping 238.8 million shares traded.

📈 Gamestop Corporation (GME) stock recently closed 60.10% upper at $48.75 on substantial volume of 206.98 million shares. This unusual activity came after the meme stock investor "Roaring Kitty" posted a cryptic image on X, his first post in about three years.

📈 Plug Power Inc (PLUG) increase by 19.03% in a single trading session, with abnormally high trading volume of 203.42 million shares following the receipt of $1.66 billion conditional commitment loan guarantee from Department of Energy for Green Hydrogen Development Pipeline.


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Premarket Movers

SuperCom Ltd. (SPCB) experiences a substantial 25.41% surge in pre-market trading after reporting record profit and 400% YoY EBITDA growth for the first quarter 2024.

Dolphin Entertainment, Inc. (DLPN) sees a significant 24.44% increase, reaching a pre-market price of $1.40 after announcing its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2024.

Cyngn Inc. (CYN) demonstrates a noteworthy 5.47% surge, with a pre-market price of $0.07 after RobotLAB announced partnership with Cyngn Inc, to expand the availability of its industrial self-driving DriveMod robots to large-scale manufacturers and warehouse businesses.

Pre Market Gainers

Pre Market Change

Pre Market Volume
































Investors See "All-Hands-On-Deck" Signal for AI

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Important FDA 

Recently Announced

In late April, Pfizer (PFE) received full FDA approval for TIVDAK, a groundbreaking treatment. This milestone underscores the treatment's safety and effectiveness, offering a beacon of hope for patients with limited options. TIVDAK holds promise for significantly enhancing outcomes in this patient population.

April also brought notable achievements for Neurocrine Biosciences (NBIX). On the 30th, the FDA greenlit a new, user-friendly iteration of their medication INGREZZA. Presented in an oral sprinkle format, this innovation offers a vital solution for adults grappling with swallowing difficulties due to tardive dyskinesia or chorea linked with Huntington's disease.

XFOR Pharmaceuticals celebrated a historic moment on April 30th with the FDA's approval of Mavorixafor. This clearance is a long-awaited relief for patients aged 12 and older combating WHIM syndrome. Beyond affirming the drug's efficacy and safety, this approval signifies a significant stride in addressing this rare and intricate condition.

Upcoming Announcements

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMY) is eagerly anticipating the FDA's decision on May 23rd, 2024, regarding the approval of Breyanzi. This drug is under investigation for its efficacy in treating relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma, a form of cancer impacting the lymphatic system. The FDA's verdict will dictate whether Breyanzi can be introduced as a viable treatment option for this condition.

Meanwhile, on May 24th, 2024, a panel of experts at the FDA will be scrutinizing Awiqli (Insulin Icodec), a medication developed by Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO). Awiqli is undergoing assessment for its potential as a therapy for diabetes in adults. The outcome of this FDA panel review will determine the progression of Awiqli in the approval process and its potential availability to diabetic patients.

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