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  • Traction Uranium (TRCTF) Stock Explores New Opportunities with Rare Earth Elements

Traction Uranium (TRCTF) Stock Explores New Opportunities with Rare Earth Elements

Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC: TRCTF) has made a strategic decision to switch their focus from the previously planned “Monazite Beneficiation Study” of Rare Earth Elements at their Key Lake South Project to the high grade uranium discovered by their team. To determine the most efficient method of concentrating the found U308 the Saskatchewan Research Council will conduct a study which will include Chemical analysis, particle size distribution, heavy liquid separation and preliminary beneficiation tests such as Gravity, Magnetic Separation and Flotation.

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (“NRC IRAP”) will provide funding for the study as well as a Phase 1 Diamond Drilling with 2,000 metres to target areas with extreme surface uranium anomalies. Samples for the study will be taken during the winter drill program.

This shift in focus for Traction Uranium Corp. is sure to bring them closer to achieving their goals and contribute to the advancement of the uranium industry. With the study and the drilling program in place, this exploration company is sure to capitalize on their new discoveries.

Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC: TRCTF) is a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focused on the exploration and development of uranium properties. It has a market cap of $21.7 million.

In conclusion, Traction Uranium Corp. has made a strategic decision to shift its focus from the Monazite Beneficiation Study of Rare Earth Elements to the high grade uranium discovered. With the help of the Saskatchewan Research Council and NRC IRAP, the company is confident of achieving its goals and advancing the uranium industry. The winter drill program, funded by NRC IRAP, and the study should enable Traction Uranium Corp. to capitalize on its new discoveries and strengthen its market position.

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